Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Re-Markings Celebrates Ten Years, 20th issue: Some Comments

Dear Nibir,
My heartiest congratulations on the leadership role that you've played in enabling the success of "Re-Markings" since its inception.  I personally thank you for introducing "Re-Markings" to me and also for inviting me to be part of its multicultural forum of ideas.  I wish you every success as you continue in your role as the chief editor of this remarkable journal.  Do take care and please don't lose touch. Regards, Walter
-- Walter S. H. Lim is Deputy Head (Literature), Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences :: National University of Singapore.

Dear Nibir:  
I enjoyed reading the post on the 10th anniversary of the Re-Markings! Congratulations! – Sarina: –Sarina Paranjape, Senior Program Officer (Indian Program),United States-India Educational Foundation, New Delhi

Dear Dr. Nibir,
Congratulations! You have done tremendous work and have made a place for yourself in the academics by showing light. I feel proud to be associated with the journal as a contributor to the first issue. Susheel: Dr. Susheel Kumar Sharma, Professor, Department of English, University of Allahabad, Allahabad.

These are terrific write-ups. I feel privileged that I could add my words to the celebration. Pranam, Chuck (Charles Johnson).

Congratulations Sir,
It is indeed remarkable to see Re-Markings (pun intended as pointed out) reach this milestone of a decade. I am sure future editions will make this decade’s journey look like it was just a start. - Ravi Monga

Dear Nibir,
Congratulations and thanks (yes, Thanks) for what you create in every issue of  RE-MARKINGS! Your vision and your hard work shows in every aspect of the journal. I too plan to write a post re RE-MARKINGS and about "Embracing the World." – Amrit: Professor Amritjit Singh, Langston Hughes Professor, Athens, Ohio.

Dear Nibir, 
Those are really fine tributes to Re-Markings and to you and so thanks for gathering them and 
posting them.
All the best, Jonah Raskin

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