Saturday, 4 October 2014

Response of Sharan Kumar Limbale, The Icon of Dalit Experience

“My Words are my Weapons”

Conversation with Sharan Kumar Limbale

Nibir K. Ghosh & Sunita Rani
Re-Markings Vol 13 No.3 September 2014, pp. 7-18 
(Excerpts from the interview available in  
Dear Dr. Ghosh,

Thank you for sending me a copy of the September 2014 issue of Re-Markings carrying our long conversations at Hyderabad. 

On reading the interview, I immediately found myself in a reflective mode. The range and variety of the conversation is simply overwhelming. I strongly feel it is the best conversation I have ever had so far, for it brings to the fore the whole gamut of my experience both as writer and activist. The incisive and insightful questions covering events and issues from the African American diaspora to the interiority of my experience as a progressive Dalit writer prompted me to give my very best. 

I am grateful to you and Sunita ji for taking deep interest in my life and work. Many of the issues and concerns you have raised certainly call for further discussion and debate. I shall deem it a pleasure to have such conversations with you in the immediate future.

With thanks and good wishes for the continuing success of your commendable journal, Re-Markings,

                                                                     - Sharan Kumar Limbale

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