Sunday, 19 August 2012


Heartiest congratulations to the sportspersons who won laurels for India in the recently concluded London Olympics! They richly deserve all the accolades and the avalanche of gifts, rewards, promotions, cash awards running into unbelievable figures for what the glory they have brought to the nation. 

It is interesting that state governments and the centre are engaged in a race to outdo one another in their announcements. Even the worst cynics will not grudge the medal winners what they are receiving. I wish the governments should get together and actually reflect on their own contribution to developing sports in the country. If we compare our medals tally with that of China, we will see it as a natural corollary to the apathy and neglect that games and sports are subjected to in the country. It would be in the fitness of things if the government machinery gears itself to improving resources to draw an army of talents from every nook and corner of country and create basic infrastructure facilities supported by inspired coaching and training of international standards to mould these talents into potential medal winners rather than bask in the reflected glory of achievements for which they deserve zero credit. But, I guess, taking credit for something we don't do is far easier than doing things and not getting any credit. -- Nibir


  1. Cricket is a demon who had eaten away all other games in the subcontinent.Even 5% of amount what an IPL player gets is enough to attract new talents in other sports.When will our govt (& Public)will wean away from this colonial hangover?

  2. Thanks, Akhil. You have raised a pertinent point. Marx had said "Religion is the opium of the masses." I think we can substitute cricket for religion when it comes to our subcontinent. Nibir

    1. Dear Sir

      The Haryana Govt. is actually doing some good spadework on the so far ignored sports.

      And cricket- well ! it is as profane a religion as it can get in India-with betting on matches and auctioning of players.



    2. proud pic- this kind of pride, cricket can never bestow!

  3. Not just Olympics, this holds true for any individual or corporate achievement. Central and Karnataka State Governments are still fighting over who can bag more credit for Bangalore becoming the IT Hub and preferred offshoring destination.