Friday, 17 February 2012

Celebrating Re-Markings' Journey

Dear Dr Nibir ji,

Hearty Congratulations!

We are so happy to learn that Re-Markings has stepped into the eleventh year.It looks as though only yesterday I saw the first issue.How swiftly time moves on!

But, it is not that easy to run a scholarly, literary journal for a decade and more, struggling all the while to maintain the high standards it has set for itself.This is where the secret of your success lies. A modest person that you are, always shunning publicity and pomp, slowly and steadily you have worked silently setting lofty bench marks  to surpass.

The rich contribution made and invaluable time and energy invested have born fruits fabulously.Thanks for inspiring and supporting people like me from time to time.Your love for friends and splendid service-oriented approach have eminently elevated you among quality circles so lovingly created and nurtured by you.
Thank you so much sir!

This is an occasion for us to celebrate.Then,party kahan aur kab hoga, sir ji!

Thanks once again for allowing me into the family.

Kudos to you and Re-Markings team!

best regards,
Dr. T.S. Chandramouli is a Senior Academic, Critic, translator and poet based at Hyderabad.

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