Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Comments from Sharyn Skeeter

Dear Nibir,

Thanks so much for sending these links. I've been reading end-of-semester student papers and exams, so I've just now had the chance to read your posts. I've enjoyed and learned from all of them.

The interview with Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui gave me an interesting perspective on literature and other factors in Pakistan and, to some degree, India. (I also learned a few new words--shayar, mushaira, etc.)

Your account of "Meeting Mother Teresa" is lovely. Your being in the presence of such a person must have been a blessing in itself.

After reading several of the posts on Multicultural America, I became interested in reading it. I looked for the book on, however, I can't find it. Is it available? If so, where?

Again, thanks for sharing.

Sharyn (email dated 10 May, 2011)
Dr. Sharyn Skeeter is an assistant professor at the University of Bridgeport, U.S.A. Her poetry, articles, and fiction have appeared in literary journals, magazines, and anthologies (including E. Ethelbert Miller’s In Search of Color Everywhere). She has given readings at arts centers and universities in the United States. She was fiction, poetry, book review editor at Essence magazine and editor in chief at Black Elegance. She has taught journalism, media, and English at universities and colleges, including Emerson College, Gateway Community College, and Fairfield University. Currently, she is working on a novel and a collection of poetry.

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